以爱相约,是偕行的最先 ;携手共育,是温暖的篇章。为进一步增进家校相助,充分验展家委加入、共促生长的教育目的,乐投Letou都会森林学校小学部召开了“家校共育 共襄未来”为主题的全体家委会聚会会议。

To meet with love, is the beginning of the peer; Hand in hand, is a warm chapter. In order to further promote home-school cooperation, give full play to the participation of the Family Committee and jointly promote the education goal of the principal, the Primary School of Cstar City Forest School held a meeting of all the family committee members with “Home-School Education for the Future”.


First, Principal Zhang gave a speech for the Family Committee, interpreted the current education situation, and proposed that parents learn to stand in the future to think the direction of child rearing.


Specially invited to Ms. Zhang, the project leader of the home-school Co-education Project, witnessed the launch ceremony of the project. Ms. Zhang introduced the project contents to parents in a lively manner, and fully supported the work of home-school co-education.


During the meeting, Louice, the principal of the parents school, shared that the family and school should aim at cultivating all-round development together, and interpreted the great goal of “cultivating world citizens with Chinese heart” based on the three talents cultivation qualities of “students’ success, family happiness, and national prosperity”. The moral education course, the national curriculum and the basic curriculum of joint innovation between Chinese and foreign education ,have opened the door for students to understand the world.


Mia talked about the work of the School, proposed that everyone should fully cooperate and support education and teaching to promote development through common learning.


Gao Yutong’s mother and Meng Yuze’s father, advocated and shared the role positioning and influence of the Family Committee in the new era. A letter of appointment, but also a responsibility , is willing to work together to educate talents.


Each Family Committee meeting is a co-creation but also a learning, is the same frequency of information,and the collision of thinking. Education is a beautiful encounter, with love, warm and power. Education is a two-way journey between school and parents, and growth is the same frequency resonance between school and parents. Co-education, needs the family and the school hand in hand, let us condense into a beam of light, together to illuminate the children’s bright future.





【办学理念】责任兴教育 师德誉中原

【集团校训】学习 创立 诚信 团结 贡献 听从